DOORSTOP: 11/5/19

May 11, 2019


MARK BUTLER: The material that has been distributed in the seats of Mayo and Boothby behind us show us Scott Morrison and Nicolle Flint will say anything and do anything, mislead anyone they can to try and hold onto Government. We know that Nicolle Flint has only worked hard at delivering one thing in all of her time in Canberra and that is Peter Dutton as Prime Minister. The project that is contained in this material is a complete fantasy. There is not a single dollar in the Federal Budget for the Globelink project. Indeed, when the Government’s own Department was asked in Senate Estimates about the project – they confessed they’d never heard of Globelink. Infrastructure Australia also testified in Senate Estimates that they had never heard of the project. So Nicolle Flint needs to fess up and come clean with the people of Boothby that this is a complete fantasy and this material is misleading. The truth is that if the people of Boothby really want a Government that will deliver infrastructure for them over the next four years it will come from a Shorten Labor Government. Our costings yesterday confirmed that a Shorten Labor Government would spend four times as much on infrastructure projects over the next four years, as a Morrison Government re-elected would do. The Morrison Government talks very big about South Australia in the infrastructure budget they released a few weeks ago but in actual fact only four per cent of the promises they made are in the next four years – 96 per cent of it is off in the never-never. We don’t know how it is going to be paid for; we don’t know when it will be delivered. Under a Shorten Labor Government the people of Boothby would get an acceleration of the north-south corridor upgrade, particularly the part between the Glenelg tram overpass and Tonsley. They would get upgrades to level crossings at Hove and in Westbourne Park. They would get upgrades to the notorious intersection, the dog-leg intersection on Goodwood Rd between Springbank Rd and Doors Rd. What they won’t get from Nicolle Flint is a member that will deliver anything other than more internal battles within the Liberal Party.

PETER MALINAULSKAS, STATE LABOR LEADER: In the 2018 state election Steven Marshall and the Liberal Party in a blind panic towards Nick Xenophon, particularly in the Hills seats, promised the fantasy of Globelink the idea that they were going to take the freight rail line out of the Adelaide Hills, and out of the Adelaide plains, and put it through Monarto. What we’ve seen from then is no real action from Steven Marshall to deliver this project. Fast forward to the 2019 Federal Election and we see another blind panic in the Liberal Party in the seat of Boothby and the seat of Mayo. Yet again, they reach into the grab bag of fantasy and pull out Globelink to try and save these two seats. I think all South Australians now know that the conservative side of politics, at either State or Federal level, are not serious about delivering Globelink. It is nothing but a complete fantasy that is totally unfunded. Yet Nicolle Flint is running around Boothby handing out flyers promising that they will deliver it. There is no money in the Federal Budget, there is no money in the State Budget to actually deliver Globelink. So Nicolle Flint needs to start being a bit honest in her own electorate and start explaining why she is promising this fantasy but has no real intention or plan on how to actually deliver it. 

JOURNALIST: Can I ask about the Vickers Vimy, the Government has now announced a huge injection into the relocation of the artefact. Is that something Labor will consider if it wins Government?

BUTLER: As I understand there might be an announcement today. I haven’t seen any details of it, how the Government, for example, is going to fund it. We will obviously have a look at the Government announcement and consider that in the future.

JOURNALIST: A week out from the election, how do you think Nicolle Flint and the Liberals are going knowing that this seat is so marginal?

BUTLER: These tactics form Nicolle Flint, seeking to mislead her electorate about a project that is not supported by her own government, shows just how desperate Nicolle Flint is to convince her voters that she has been doing anything other than trying to deliver Peter Dutton as Prime Minister over the last three years. This is a Government, and a Member for Boothby in Nicolle Flint, who will say anything and do anything to try and get re-elected after having failed to deliver for the people of Boothby over the last three years.  

JOURNALIST: It is interesting that GetUp has targeted Boothby so much and will continue to do so until the election. Is that something that you welcome?

BUTLER: That is a matter for GetUp. They are an independent organisation. I think people recognise that Nicolle Flint has used her time in Parliament as a member of the hard-right of the Coalition, battling any climate action in the community and in the Parliament and she has been one of the South Australian campaign managers for the campaign to make Peter Dutton Prime Minister.