Volunteer Awards

May 22, 2017

We were able to hand out well over 40 awards, including five Local Legend Prizes. Time does not permit me to go through the names of all the wonderful volunteers who were recognised that day, but I will mention just a few to show the diversity of volunteering in Port Adelaide. Mary Kelsey, from Albert Park Parish, has been volunteering for 65 years. Ann Pinzel, who is 81 years of age, has been volunteering at the Pennwood Village aged-care facility for 35 years. Alexandra Vakitsidis, the incomparable Alexandra from the Greek Orthodox community in Port Adelaide, has been volunteering for 45 years. David Bald, with his wife, Pat, runs the Osborne Over 50s, and has done for many, many years.

There were also youth awards: Rachel and Emily from the headspace service at Port Adelaide; Jessica Algar, who delivers meals at PISA, an Italian meals on wheels service in the western suburbs; Jessica Hargreaves from the Semaphore Centrals Netball Club, who at 22 has already played 453 games for the club, and coaches and does committee work as well; and Alex Dunkley, who, after a scare with brain cancer herself, volunteers for the Central Adelaide Palliative Care Service.

Our society would grind to a halt without the work of volunteers. It was a great pleasure to recognise their service again last Friday.