Celebrating the Vietnamese community

June 19, 2017

I rise today to pay tribute again to the work of the South Australian chapter of the Vietnamese Community Association, which works particularly in the western and northern suburbs of Adelaide; to the president, Mr Tin Le; and to all the officers, staff and volunteers of that community. Working together, we have been able to achieve agreement by a number of local councils now to fly the yellow flag at culturally significant events for the Vietnamese community in Adelaide. I spoke briefly about the Charles Sturt Council decision and applauded that decision only a number of days ago. Last week, the Port Adelaide Enfield Council also decided to approve the petition from the Vietnamese community in Adelaide to fly the yellow flag at culturally significant events in that council area. I applaud the council for doing that.

I also want to congratulate the community on the new Go Vietnamese app, an app which allows translation of Vietnamese language, available free on iTunes. It will give valuable assistance to frontline workers who work in healthcare settings, mental health settings, aged care, gambling settings and the like. I want to pay particular tribute to Ms Lan Nguyen, who was the project coordinator for this project, building on similar apps that are used in the Italian, Bhutanese and Greek communities. We are very fortunate indeed to have such a vibrant, active community as the Vietnamese community in the western suburbs of Adelaide.