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September 12, 2020

For seven years this Government has ignored fuel security and instead has engaged in baseless scare campaigns against policies which would improve our fuel security.
The Coalition Government has sat idly by while Australia’s refining capacity has decreased by 40 per cent over the last eight years and Australia has failed to comply with International Energy Agency fuel security requirements.
Like all announcements, on fuel security this Government was there for the photo opp but not there for the follow up.
If Scott Morrison was ever serious about Australia’s fuel security, he would have a plan to secure the future of our remaining refining capacity and would deliver an oil and fuel reserve to be stored here, not in the United States.
Angus Taylor consider fuel in foreign owned, flagged and crewed ships that might be on the other side of the world at any given time as Australian fuel reserves.
Under no reasonable definition can these shipments be counted towards secure Australian supplies in an emergency, they are not counted as Australian fuel stocks by the IEA and that is why we need an Australian strategic fleet.

Labor took a comprehensive policy to the last election, including establishing a national fuel reserve in Australia.
Scott Morrison must act now to:

  • Deliver a real fuel reserve IN Australia, not a fake reserve on the other side of the world.
  • Secure the modernisation and ongoing viability of our remaining refining capacity,
  • Establish a Strategic Fleet, and
  • Support policies that decrease our reliance on imported fuel, like a long promise EV strategy, car efficiency standards, and a Biofuel industry plan.   

If Scott Morrison fails to act, not only will Australia’s fuel security be put at greater risk, thousands of jobs and crucial industrial capacity could be lost.