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December 07, 2016

Today Malcolm Turnbull proved he has no spine by publicly humiliating Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg and selling out to the hard right of his party on climate change.

Frydenberg’s supposed backflip on an emission intensity electricity scheme shows who really rules the frontbench.

It’s hard to see how Frydenberg’s position remains tenable given that he has lost all authority in both his portfolios within just 48 hours.

Turnbull has shown once again he is too weak to stand up right-wing extremists in the Liberal and National Parties to end energy investment uncertainty, modernise our electricity system, and tackle Australia’s rising pollution levels.

Turnbull, who once proclaimed that he would never lead a party that is not committed to serious action on climate change, is now a shell of his former self.

Throwing his Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg under the bus, the Prime Minister told journalists this morning the Government would never support an emissions trading scheme; even though such a scheme is recommended by Government Agencies, the CSIRO, broad swathes of industry and Electricity Networks Australia.

And this is despite the fact the Government’s review is still committed to considering ‘international credits’, which are only relevant in the context of an emission trading scheme.

The Coalition is now ruled by the likes of Cory Bernadi and Craig Kelly who veto and cry foul at any action this Government attempts on climate change.

If Malcolm Turnbull actually cared about any job except his own, he would end investment uncertainty in the electricity sector and commit to a renewable energy target post 2020, which would drive investment and jobs growth.

Australians can be sure that Malcolm Turnbull will never take serious action on climate change.