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October 26, 2019

Angus Taylor’s statement vindicates Labor’s decision to refer this matter to NSW Police. 
By his own admission, Angus Taylor has now confirmed the figures he provided to The Daily Telegraph were false.
However, his attempts to dismiss his role in this desperate and irresponsible Liberal vendetta do not stand up to scrutiny.
According to a spokesperson for the Lord Mayor of Sydney:
The figures used by the Minister are not a small variation, they are grossly inaccurate.
Angus Taylor has also provided no proof to back up his claim to have accessed his fake budget figures from the Sydney City Council website.
As the Lord Mayor makes clear: 
There are no alternative versions of the report online.
At no time have the false figures appeared in the City of Sydney’s publicly available annual reports.
Angus Taylor assured Parliament that this report was downloaded from the Sydney City Council website, if this is not the case than he has misled Parliament.
The more Angus Taylor tries to cover up the abuse of his office the more weight he adds to Labor’s demands for a full investigation into his involvement in the peddling of these fabricated figures.
Angus Taylor should now fully co-operate with NSW Police and provide all of the documents he now has in his possession, reveal the source of these documents, and explain how he came to provide fabricated figures about the City of Sydney Budget.