Media Releases


December 20, 2018

The fifth, biennial State of the Climate report produced by the Bureau of Meteorology and the CSIRO shows just how serious the climate emergency is.
The key findings show:

  • Australia’s climate has warmed by just over 1 °C since 1910, leading to an increase in the frequency of extreme heat events.
  • Sea levels are rising around Australia, increasing the risk of inundation.
  • There has been a long-term increase in extreme fire weather, and in the length of the fire season, across large parts of Australia.

Australia is projected to experience:

  • Further increases in sea and air temperatures, with more hot days and marine heatwaves, and fewer cool extremes.
  • Further sea level rise and ocean acidification.
  • Decreases in rainfall across southern Australia with more time in drought, but an increase in intense heavy rainfall throughout Australia.

Yet under Scott Morrison’s Government, there is no effective climate policy. The Government’s own data shows that under the Liberals’ already inadequate emissions reduction targets, carbon emissions are now at their highest level since 2011 and they will continue to rise all the way to 2030.

In the face of all this data, Energy Minister Angus Taylor proudly deceives Australians, saying there is no need to reduce emissions because the “mission (is) accomplished.”

The NSW Liberal Government is right; Scott Morrison and the Liberals are out of touch when it comes to dealing with the dire consequences of climate change.

Taking action on climate change will be a priority for a Shorten Labor Government. It is our promise, if elected, to future generations.