Media Releases


September 15, 2020

Scott Morrison’s 20th energy policy is heavy on spin and it is light as a feather on substance.
Australia is in the deepest recession in a century and it is hard to see where you get a single job from this announcement in the time frame that we need.
We’re into the seventh year of this government, and yet the long-term agenda for Australian manufacturing is paper thin, and the government’s energy crisis has increased the costs of manufacturing.
Scott Morrison has a plan for new gas basins that would be years and years away - basins that are nowhere near connected to the gas network.
Scott Morrison has a review of gas prices. Even though he knows manufacturers and households have endured gas prices tripling and the ACCC and Labor have consistently called for drastic action to bring gas prices down.
Scott Morrison talks about establishing an Australian gas hub at Wallumbilla – Wallumbilla is already a gas hub which the Australian Energy Regulator has said becomes more liquid every month.
All investors want from Scott Morrison is a genuine national energy policy to unleash investment and create jobs. Their pleas continue to fall on Scott Morrison’s deaf ears. Anthony Albanese wrote to Scott Morrison 10 weeks ago offering bipartisanship around an investment framework and we have heard nothing.
UTS projects 11,000 renewable energy jobs will be lost in the next two years – just when the Government should be doing all it can to grow jobs.
The existing pipeline of renewable energy projects, that already have planning approval, would create over 50,000 new direct jobs if only Scott Morrison would take up Labor’s offer to agree an energy policy that would unlock investment.