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March 04, 2019

On the back of Energy Minister Taylor’s latest claims over the weekend that Australian carbon pollution is falling, the Morrison Government’s continuous lies about being on track to meet emission reduction targets have been slammed by climate scientists and experts.

The Government is unwilling to admit what their own emission projections make plain as day, under ineffectual Abbott designed policies, Australia’s carbon emissions are growing and are not on track to meet the government’s inadequate 26 per cent emission reduction targets. The Joint Statement by climate scientists states;

“Official government projections, international authorities (such as the OECD and the United Nations Environment Programme) and leading experts agree, Australia is not currently on track to achieve its emissions reduction target.”

In addition, the scientist’s statement says the Government’s 26 per cent emissions reduction target falls short of meeting the Paris Agreements objectives:

“This target is inadequate in terms of the science and Australia doing its fair share to tackle climate change.”
Continued investment in renewable energy needs sensible policies to support investment once Labor’s 2020 target is met:

“Claims that renewable energy rollout alone is likely to continue at current rates and be sufficient to meet Australia’s 2030 economy-wide emissions reduction target are over-optimistic and do not take into account the extra support that business needs to change, transmission limitations and investment considerations. The momentum is there to be able to tap into Australia’s extensive renewable energy resources but needs continued policy support to encourage the investment needed.”

This statement by climate scientist confirms what Labor has been saying for years; Liberal emissions reduction targets are inadequate, Liberal policies to meet their targets are not working, pollution is rising and is projected to rise to 2030, and continued investment in renewable energy needs policy support from a national government that is serious about clean energy and tackling climate change.

Only Labor is serious about tackling climate change and supporting the transition to a clean, affordable energy sector, driven by our commitment to 50 per cent renewable energy, and 45 per cent emissions reduction by 2030.