Media Releases


April 17, 2023

The National Mental Health Commission (Commission) plays an important role in delivering on the Government’s mental health and suicide prevention reforms.
To ensure the Government and the public continue to have confidence in the Commission, I have initiated an independent investigation into the allegations and issues that have been raised in the media.
This investigation will be independent of the Commission and will:

  • Consider the matters raised in the media and whether these can be substantiated;
  • Conduct a culture and capability review, to ensure the Commission is able to provide a safe working environment and has the capability to perform its role;
  • Conduct a full functional and efficiency review to ensure the Commission can be financially sustainable moving forward.

This independent investigation will be led by Professor Deb Picone AO.
The investigation will inform any changes required to support the Commission’s role, functions and operations.
Ms Christine Morgan has voluntarily stepped aside as the Commission’s Chief Executive Officer while this investigation occurs.
To ensure the continued functioning of the Commission I have appointed an interim Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ruth Vine, who is the current Deputy Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health and Aged Care.
As Minister I take allegations of this nature seriously and will prioritise ensuring a safe working environment for staff.
While the investigation is underway it would be inappropriate to comment further.