Media Releases


August 09, 2019

The Morrison Government embarrasses itself on an almost daily basis.
Last week it wanted everyone to believe it had successfully muscled AGL into keeping the aging Liddell power station open. What it didn’t say was the extension is just 4 months.
Today, it’s announced its going to form a taskforce to decide what to do about our energy system when Liddell closes. We’ve known for years Liddell would not continue operating beyond 2022-2023 and the best way to support new investment to replace Liddell was to deliver a national energy policy that ended the investment uncertainty that this Government seems intent on fuelling rather than addressing.
After six years and 15 energy policies, including flirting with nuclear power, the formation of yet another committee is the best the Morrison Government can do to deliver affordable and reliable energy.
Meanwhile, the COAG Energy Council which is meant to meet at least twice a year, is yet to meet this year because Minister Taylor is too scared of being held to account by states about his Government’s inability to address the ongoing energy crisis.
The Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Resources and the Member for Hunter, Joel Fitzgibbon, said “In the Hunter, we are not waiting for the Morrison Government any longer.
“We will continue to work with AGL to progress the significant investment it has promised in new forms of energy generation and storage.  While the Government continues to dither and spin, we are getting on with the job.
The Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Mark Butler, said “AGL have identified Solar, Wind, an upgrade to Bayswater power station, a new gas-fired peaking station, and pumped-hydro and battery storage as cost effective and reliable replacements for the Liddell plant.

“With the right investment, the Hunter will remain the engine room of the NSW energy system.
“Sensible energy policy from the Morrison Government that will support necessary investment would greatly help but we are not holding our collective breath.”