Media Releases


April 05, 2019

Today in Senate Estimates, under questioning by Senator Kristina Keneally, evidence presented once again demonstrated how hopeless the Liberal Government’s climate change policy is.
Lowlights included:
An Electric Vehicle (EV) con job confirmed: When asked about how the government established it would cut transport emissions by 10MT of CO2 by 2030, the Department of Environment and Energy confirmed this abatement was based on an assumption that EVs “would make up between 25% and 50% of new car sales by 2030”.
But when asked about specific policies to drive this EV take-up, the Department confirmed the government’s policy was an EV strategy that “hasn’t been written yet”.
Counting non-Commonwealth projects: The Department confirmed that the government’s Climate Solutions package allocated 25MT CO2 of abatement to the Battery of the Nation project, even thought that project has not received a final investment decision, is a Hydro Tasmania project (not a Commonwealth project), its size has yet to be determined and it relies on continued renewable investment to deliver any abatement, while the Liberals refuse to provide any policy support for new renewable investment post 2020.
Climate Modelling Hypocrisy: The Department also confirmed the hypocrisy of the Liberal government which criticises Labor for not providing modelling of our Climate Change Action plan, saying they “haven’t attempted to put these measures (Climate Solutions package) through a whole of economy modelling exercise” .
The Government even refused to stand by the Brian Fisher BAEconomics modelling the government regularly uses to criticise Labor’s policy, modelling which Labor utterly rejects.
After pointing out this modelling concludes that by 2030, the Liberal’s policy will:

  • Include a $92 carbon price,
  • Cost 75,000 jobs, and
  • Cost $90 billion in lost GDP,

the government refused to stand by this modelling, with Minister Birmingham saying “it’s not for me to stand by it”.
While the government is happy to use this modelling to attack Labor, they run away from what the same modelling concludes about their own policy.
The Liberal Government simply isn’t up to addressing the real and pressing challenges of climate change. As former Prime Minister Turnbull has stated, “the Liberal Party and the Coalition is not capable of dealing with climate change”.
Only Labor will deliver real action on climate change.