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December 21, 2018

After another year of Liberal energy policy chaos, the Government’s chief energy policy advising agency, the Liberal government’s own Energy Security Board, has slammed the Morrison Government’s chaotic approach to energy policy.

Confirming that the threats, chaos and ad-hoc interventions that have characterised energy policy in 2018 are no substitute for real energy policy, the ESB has said “The risks to delivering a coherent and coordinated approach to energy policy in the NEM have increased during 2018”

Whether its affordability, reliability, security, emissions reductions or governance, the ESB is clear the Government’s incoherent approach is making the situation worse not better.

The ESB points out the Governments approach is threatening and undermining the new investment we need to modernise the system, replace ageing coal generators, and lower prices and pollution, saying; “The risk of Government intervention and distortion of the drivers for future investment remain real, which in turn increases the likelihood of negative impacts on competition, reliability, pricing and investment decisions.”

It is simply unprecedented for a State of the NEM report to take such a strong position against current government policy.

The ESB was established by the Liberal Government, to help end the Liberal’s energy crisis. The ESB State of the NEM report was informed by the Australian Energy Market Operator, the Australian Energy Market’s Commission and the Australian Energy Regulator.

Its advice couldn’t be clearer; the Morrison government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.
This comes after a disastrous COAG Energy Council meeting on Wednesday which saw states, led by the NSW Liberal Government, slam the Morrison Government for abandoning emission reduction as a pillar of energy policy.

Australian states, big energy users, energy companies, and now even the government’s own energy market agencies are in open revolt against the Morrison government’s energy policy chaos.
Slogans like ‘big stick’ and ‘fair dinkum power’ don’t constitute the sensible, pro-investment, credible energy policy Australia so desperately needs. But they do constitute the entirety of the government’s broken approach to energy.

The Liberals have failed. Australia deserves so much better.