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December 13, 2019

The Liberal dominated House Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy today handed down a report recommending nuclear power be pursued in Australia despite clear evidence nuclear power is enormously expensive, slow, inflexible, and dangerous to the environment and human health.

With the inquiry initiated by embattled Angus Taylor, Scott Morrison must come clean about his Government’s nuclear power plan and let Australians know which regions are in his nuclear firing line.
Over 100 Australian communities have previously been identified as possible locations for nuclear reactors and nuclear dumps,  including; Jervis Bay NSW, Townsville QLD, Gladstone QLD, Perth WA, Western Port VIC, and the NSW North Coast.

Labor does not support the final report and has delivered a dissenting report.
Deputy Chair, Josh Wilson says, “The report, supported by the Coalition members of the Committee, is unbalanced and ignores the clear evidence provided by a series of expert witnesses, including key government agencies. 
“The Chair’s report is not supported by Labor and our dissenting report shows that on any measure – cost, timing, energy needs, waste, environmental & health risks, and non-proliferation – the pursuit of nuclear power is madness.”
Shadow Climate Change and Energy Minister, Mark Butler says, “This inquiry was nothing but an indulgence for the Coalition who would rather fantasise about nuclear energy than come up with a credible national energy policy.
“As a result of this Government’s energy paralysis, Australian households and businesses are paying far higher power prices and renewable energy investment has been cut by over 60 per cent this year.”
Coalition members refused to endorse Labor’s proposal that the Government settle a national energy policy as a matter of urgency, despite the fact this was supported in evidence from Dr Ziggy Switkowski, Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce, Former Liberal Minister and CEO of the Queensland Resources Council Ian Macfarlane, and Patrick Gibbons of the Minerals Council of Australia, among others.
The Coalition would rather play nuclear games than come up with any credible energy policy to end their severe energy crisis.