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June 17, 2021

Scott Morrison’s refusal to secure a variety of vaccine deals has left Australians dangerously exposed.
World’s best practice is to have four – six vaccine deals. Scott Morrison didn’t do the hard work last year and now our already slow vaccine rollout will fall right off the rails.
Scott Morrison was too late to do a deal with Pfizer.
Scott Morrison was too late to do a deal with Moderna.
Scott Morrison placed too many eggs in the AstraZeneca basket. 
Australia does not have enough back up options and now we’re paying the price with not enough supply. 
Problems with specific vaccines were inevitable. Scott Morrison didn’t do his basic due diligence and his Government was too lazy to have an insurance policy in place. 
Even before this ATAGI decision we have seen the Morrison Government not supplying enough Pfizer doses to Victoria.
Scott Morrison needs to explain how and when Australians under the age of 59 will get a vaccine. 
While the rest of the world is steaming ahead with the vaccine rollout, less than 3 per cent of Australians are fully vaccinated.
Scott Morrison had two jobs this year; a speedy effective rollout of the vaccine and quarantine. He has failed both. 
He needs to set new targets to get the vaccine rollout back on track.