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August 27, 2018

New Energy Minister Angus Taylor has lifted the bar for the most anti-renewable, climate change denying minister Australia has ever had.
Angus Taylor led the campaign to force Malcolm Turnbull and Josh Frydenberg to abandon their National Energy Guarantee, which has only the made Government’s energy crisis worse.
He has a long history as an anti-renewable energy ideologue, including by fighting to kill Labor’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) - which is the only thing currently bringing down prices and pollution.
Minister Taylor was the poster boy for the flop event ‘National wind power fraud rally’ and absurdly called the RET a bad program” because it was used to “reduce carbon emissions.” 
His appointment signals the complete triumph of hard-right ideology on energy policy, which is sure to guarantee higher power prices, continued investment uncertainty and rising pollution.
Australia now has an energy minister who's views on the economics and engineering of renewable energy fly directly in the face of all expert and industry views, including the Government’s own Energy Security Board, who have said “The cost of running a clean-coal plant is much more expensive that running a combination of wind, solar and gas, or, better yet, wind, solar and pumped hydro.”
Here is a small snapshot of Energy Minister Taylor’s anti-renewable and climate action statements:
On climate change science: “The new climate religion, recruiting disciples every day, has little basis on fact and everything to do with blind faith.” – Speech to Parliament 16/6/14
On the economics of renewable energy: “Large-scale wind it’s very clear that it’s not economic on any grounds.” - speaking with Alan Jones, June 2013
On (disproven) health impacts of wind farms: “significant communities are being very, very negatively affected by what’s going on..” – 2GB October, 2015
The choice has never been clearer a Shorten Labor Government is for lower power bills, investment in renewable energy and cuts to pollution.
The Liberals are anti-renewable, anti-climate science, and anti any real policies to bring down power prices or pollution.