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April 05, 2019

Yesterday in Senate Estimates, officials of ARENA exposed the lies of Energy Minister Angus Taylor about Brian Fisher’s BAEeconomics modelling, which the government has been using to attack Labor’s plan for real action on climate change.
Labor utterly rejects this modelling as a biased exercise designed to grossly inflate the costs of real climate action.
Part of this bias results from absurd renewable energy storage cost assumptions, as high as $200 MWh, when already Snowy Hydro are selling 24/7 renewable power contracts for $70 MWh, which includes the cost of generation as well as storage.
When asked about these inflated costs by Fran Kelly on 19 March, Minister Taylor insisted:

“The modelling uses ARENA's storage,… Well the modelling is based on ARENA's assumptions, …. But the point is, it's using ARENA modelling.”
Yesterday in Senate Estimates, Senator Anne Urquhart asked ARENA whether ARENA consulted or provided input into the Brian Fisher BAEconomics modelling, with officials responding “No” to both questions.
More shockingly, when repeatedly asked about whether the Fisher BAEconomics modelling storage cost assumptions corresponded to, were based on or were consistent with ARENA analysis of storage costs, officials stated:
“we don’t know the genesis of the storage costs that are apparent in the BAE report … it is very difficult for us to comment on the BAE report, we had no input into it and while we sought to understand the figures in the BAE report, by even talking to the report’s author, we are still unclear how those numbers came about… we had no input into it… it’s still very unclear how or whether our numbers have been used.”
The Energy Minister Angus Taylor has been caught in a bald faced lie to the ABC’s Fran Kelly and to the Australian people.
After 5 years of rising emissions, the Australian people know they cannot trust the Liberal’s to act on climate. Now they know beyond a doubt they cannot trust the Liberal’s to be honest about the costs of climate action.
The Liberals will run their typical scare campaign against climate action in the coming election; claiming nigh-time sports will end, meat pies will become a thing of the past, whole industries will close down, and countless other claims, each more absurd than the last, in a desperate and hysterical attempt to avoid taking real action to protect our environment and prosperity.
The Australian people deserve so much better, they deserve real action on climate, and that’s what a Shorten Labor government will deliver.