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June 25, 2020

As Australia continues to battle a long-running energy crisis, embattled Energy Minister Angus Taylor yesterday claimed his Government had “nailed” energy policy.
New analysis today from the University of Technology Sydney shows 11,000 renewable energy workers are expected to lose their jobs over the next two years under the current Government’s energy policy vacuum.
Renewable energy investment plummeted by 50 per cent last year according to the RBA, who say “uncertainty around future national policy direction is constraining investment”.
The Government’s juvenile reaction to Labor’s call for bipartisan energy policy has shown their true colours. When Australia is in its first recession in three decades, the Morrison Government has shown it is anti-jobs, anti-business and anti-bipartisanship.

Reaction from a range of stakeholders shows the country is crying out for energy policy certainty.
The Business Council of Australia said “we have long called for a bipartisan, national climate and energy framework that is scalable and provides business with the confidence they need to drive new investment, create new jobs and accelerate our transition to net-zero emissions”.
And in testimony to the Senate Covid-19 Committee, the BCA confirmed “If we had a framework that was agreed upon, then that would absolutely help business investment”.
Innes Willox, CEO of the Australian Industry Group, said “if we can have certainty and continuity of energy approach and policy, that will give business far greater confidence to invest than it has had up until now”.
Tony Wood from the Grattan Institute said bipartisan support for energy policy was a necessary first step as industry lacks basic information needed to make investment decisions.
Only the Morrison Government thinks they’re “nailing it”.
The rest of their country knows they’re squibbing it.