Media Releases


November 30, 2018

Global insurer Allianz has slammed the Morrison Government’s inadequate climate and energy policies in their latest report, ranking Australia last amongst G20 top economies for their inaction to implement policies in line with the Paris Agreement.

Allianz has described the Morrison Government’s energy policy paralysis as a result of a “lack of political will” saying “Australia is heading towards a policy cliff-edge, meaning there will be no policy support for renewables after 2020.”

Allianz specifically noted Scott Morrison and the Liberals anti-renewables rhetoric saying, “previous stragglers like Saudi Arabia and Turkey are improving their policy environment, while some developed countries such as Australia…still have not taken charge.

“Australia continues to decrease federal support (for renewables) despite having more mature markets and experienced institutions in place.”

Scott Morrison must explain to the G20 why his out of touch government continues to wage an anti-renewables war that is driving up pollution and crippling investor certainty.

This week the UN confirmed the Government’s own data which shows under Scott Morrison’s hopeless climate change policies, carbon pollution will continue to rise all the way to 2030 (as far as the projections go).

Australians deserve a Shorten Labor Government that will take action on climate change, and reduce carbon pollution in line with our 45 per cent emissions reduction target by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050. Labor will invest in a renewable energy future which will lower power prices, bring down pollution and secure clean jobs.