Advanced Australia - The Politics of Ageing

A positive perspective on the ageing of Australia's baby boomers.

The average Australian's life expectancy has increased by twenty-five years over the past century—from mid fifties to early eighties—a monumental achievement with huge political impact. For decades to come ageing will touch almost every area of policy—retirement incomes, housing, employment, urban design, health...

The greying Baby Boomers are leading this debate, both because of the size of their generation, as well as their history of reshaping every phase of life in their own image.

Advanced Australia takes up this challenge and makes the case for a more positive approach to ageing and one that argues for the continuing contribution older Australians make to our community.

You can purchase the book at all good booksellers and MUP's website. All proceeds to the Hazel Hawke Alzheimer's Research and Care Fund through Alzheimer's Australia.