No School Cuts

As school goes back for another year, many parents are thinking about their kids’ education, and what the future holds.

Under Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals, the future for Port Adelaide schools looks grim.

Nationwide, the Liberals are cutting $30 billion from schools – that’s like sacking one in seven teachers.

Our community spends time fundraising for our schools because we know what a difference money makes.

Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals are cutting funding from schools because they believe you should only get a good education if you can afford to pay.

The Liberals can’t find money for schools, but they can find money for big business tax cuts.

They have chosen to spend money on handouts for big business and the banks, rather than schools.

Labor believes getting a good education is the ticket to a lifetime of opportunity.

Labor believes education is critical to ensuring Australia has a strong economy with secure jobs.